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Rediscover yourself!

Palmgrove Lake Resort lends the healing touch of Ayurvedic wellness combined with Yoga and a stay experience nonpareil. Spread across 3 acres of lush greenery, here is where you could unwind yourself completely, pampered by the loving lull of Nature. Set on a scenic spot where the poetic beauty of backwaters wed the verdant richness of a natural coconut garden, there’s no better place than Best Family resorts in Alleppey to be in, on your visit to Kerala. Rejuvenate yourself, profoundly touched by the virtues of ancient Ayurveda. Rediscover your inner self with the magical power of Yoga and Meditation. Relax, sitting back on your comfy cottage, curiously listening to the chirps of around 23 species of birds that throng the place. Or simply walk through the lawns, gazing at the ornate beauty of the surroundings as you see rows of boats pass by through the lake. If that doesn’t suffice your love for more, embark on a sunrise cruise into the Vembanad Lake right from the resort in Alleppey. You’ll be spoilt for experiences.

Palmgrove – A journey through generations

This stunning land, located in Punnamada of Alappuzha District was nearly a century ago owned by the Late businessperson Pothen Joseph. His trade was a trademark of the time – black pepper. At one point in time, black pepper was even considered as currency due to its high value and richness. Pothen Joseph brought black pepper from the hilly ranges of the State via boats to this property. Black pepper was then dried and sold all over the world via the international spice trade.

In the late 1990s, his grandson Mr. Abraham Philip who inherited the property thought ahead of the times. At a time when Kerala had just begun to promote tourism, at a point when the God’s Own Country was still very much a virgin destination, Abraham Philip started Palmgrove Lake Resort, which was one of the first of its kind in the region. He built 4 bamboo huts with basic amenities and many experiences to offer. Thanks to the intrinsic beauty and appeal of the locale, Palmgrove Lake Resort quickly gained attention as a preferred choice for travellers from across the globe. As requests grew, Mr. Abraham Philip expanded the accommodation facilities within the resort and designed the same in the way we see it today.

Mr. Philip Abraham, son of Abraham Philip and an engineer by profession, quit his lucrative job a few years back to take up the operations of the resort. His far-sighted vision and utilisation of modern technological resources is taking the fame of Palmgrove Lake Resort to more heights and countries all over the world. His mission to offer a self- sustainable, eco-friendly and experience-oriented stay is right on the track. With the able support of a terrific team, he leads from the front, ensuring that every guest at Palmgrove returns with the most joyous memories of a lifetime.

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