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Best resorts in Alleppey

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Yoga and Ayurvedic health are integrated at Palmgrove Lake Resort to provide a stay like no other. Here, surrounded by three acres of beautiful vegetation, you can truly relax and let Mother Nature treat you. When visiting Kerala, there is no better location to stay than best ayurvedic resorts in Alleppey, which are located in a picturesque area where backwaters and a natural coconut garden converge.

Explore the incredible diversity and beauty of nature in Alleppey, dubbed the "Venice of the East." The breathtakingly beautiful backwaters of Kerala are simply extended by Best wellness Resorts in Alappuzha is the Palmgrove lake resort. A condition of total bodily and mental energy is referred to as wellness. At Palmgrove Lake Resort, we believe that the core of what we do is wellbeing. We adhere to the proper procedures to make sure that every visitor returns feeling completely revitalized. In addition to this, these resort is budget friendly resorts in Alappuzha have carried on the ancient Ayurvedic and spa treatment traditions. The setting and location of this resort guarantee that visitors will have a sense of connection and proximity to nature.

Without spending time in Alappuzha's backwaters and taking a boat tour, a trip to Kerala is never complete. Every itinerary for Kerala must include seeing, taking in, and experiencing the backwater life in one of the greatest aquatic environments on Earth. Because of this, we would love to have you stay with us at Palmgrove Lake Resort it is the Luxury backwater resorts in Alleppey where you can get a firsthand look at life in one of the world's most distinctive backwaters. In the villages, life is different. It moves smoothly and joyfully. How about visiting a village to learn more about Keralan life? At Palmgrove it transports you to one such community, where you may engage with the locals and see their daily lives up close.

The vast paddy fields of Kerala offer the greatest views of most of the state's lush vegetation. Along with the backwaters, these expansive paddy fields are what give Alappuzha its heart and soul. Wander across these fields while being directed and pick up several new life lessons. The Palmgrove Lake Resort, regarded as one of the Best luxury resorts in Alleppey, features 11 spacious Heritage Villas with a lake view that is tastefully equipped. With modern furnishings, rhythmic hues, and cutting-edge technology, each room epitomizes luxury. Visitors may take a botanical tour of the Heritage resort or start their day with a revitalizing yoga class led by our qualified fitness professionals. Alleppey's Premium resort is a haven of seductive tranquility.


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