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Experience the Ayurveda Lifestyle with Palmgrove.

Are you looking for the best wellness resort?

To bring back the lost vigour, to boost your immunity, because you are in a rat race and you want to relax and de-stress.

Yes, it is true that you need to spend some time on yourself.

You should find your own space.

It will refresh and rejuvenate your soul.

Imagine, you are spending your rejuvenating period in a space where the distraction is minimal and the serene environment is at the maximum. What happens then?

Complete positivity and a positive environment around you. Well. this article is a guiding light to the best well-ness resort in Alappuzha. Come on, let’s look at How palm groove, the best Ayurvedic resort in Alleppey can help you?

We are a leading wellness resort in Alappuzha, Kerala. At Palmgrove, you can enjoy wholesome treatments with the help of ancient Ayurveda that puts you back on the path to wellness.

What includes in our rejuvenating program?

In a breath-taking setting, experience the wellness treatment at its best. This retreat is specially designed to enhance your wellness and well-being. It is designed to be an awesome experience with yoga and meditation being core components of the retreat.

7 nights / 8 days accommodation in Traditional Villa

It is extremely beautiful to stay in a traditional villa and get the essence of tradition and lifestyle. In addition, the stay will impart refreshment itself, because you are staying near the backwater and the enjoyment is at the fullest.

2 Ayurvedic Treatments daily (Two treatments combined Abyangam/ Ilakkizhi / Podi Kizhi / Naranga Kizhi / Njavara / Sirodhara)

Based on your requirement and health condition, our doctor will suggest ayurvedic treatment. yes, you are going to get it once in a lifetime. Doctor on site

Hey, don’t worry about Ayurvedic treatment at a resort. As we said earlier, we are one of the top Ayurvedic resorts in Alleppey and we have experienced doctors on site. They will consult you and relieve all your queries regarding your health concerns.

Special Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurvedic treatment is incomplete without mindful eating. Ayurveda strictly articulates the consumption of food that is appropriate to your dosa or constitutional type. Based on your dosa, we make recommendations on your diet. It will make a true difference to your health.

Medicated Porridge

Just a bowl of medicated porridge is high in antioxidants, minerals and other vitamins. It aids digestion and enhances your immunity.

Yoga is a mind-body workout that calms the nerves, reduces anxiety and stress levels It provides strength, flexibility, confidence and well-being in body and mind.

Heard Melodies Are Sweet, but Those Unheard Are Sweeter

Yes, more surprises await you at our budget-friendly resort. The word falls short. If you are aiming for wellness, or your goal is free from toxins. We welcome you to the best wellness resort in Alappuzha. Take Care of yourself to the maximum!!

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