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Enjoy a trip to one of the top ten resorts in Alleppey-Palmgrove!

Kerala, the southernmost state in India is known as the 'God's Own country."While a major chunk of credit goes to its greenery and snow-capped hills, the backwaters in Alleppey also deserve praise. Known to be rare, the planned town is set up all around the water bodies that make it much more appealing to tourists all over the world. Like all major holidaying spots, Alleppey is also flocked with staying options and one could easily be in a dilemma on how to go about it. Palmgrove Lake Resort can easily be named among the top 10 best resorts in Alleppey. There are multiple reasons for this and the blog will make it easier for you to make a decision.


It finds itself nestled among the calm waters of Punnamada lake, making for the perfect view. Palmgrove had humble beginnings and saw a vast growth from a few bamboo huts in the 90's to the present villas. Managed by the 3rd generation of hoteliers, the space is known to host an eco-friendly atmosphere. During the initial years, the resort included a few stay-in rooms that were built for anyone who wanted to enjoy a pleasant vacation. Gradually, the resort saw many innovations within itself and with the help of modern technology, converted itself into a much better space, making its way towards becoming the best family in Alleppey.

Yoga and Ayurveda-

One of the major reasons for the success of the venture can be attributed to the Ayurveda and spa treatment centre it accommodates. Ayurveda does not just provide treatment for a malady but is often undertaken to keep oneself rejuvenated. Palmgrove joined hands with Rudravilasam Kochi (1952) and has remastered a wellness program that caters to everyone. Besides,2 Ayurvedic treatments, the programme also provides Navadhara and a Satvik diet. Yoga is also a crucial part of the regimen as it activates one's chakras and improves blood circulation.


The place is home to Kuttanad, also called the rice bowl of Kerala. Therefore, most of the parts include vast farmlands that cultivate paddy. Our team has arranged for a unique village walk amongst the greenery that will be nothing like the dust-ridden city. The place also has a rich heritage albeit diminutive. Monuments like the Krishnapuram Palace, Manarssala Nagaraja Temple and St.Mary's Basilica hold a lot of significance in Kerala history and are a must-visit. A tour can also be arranged for the exotic Pathiramanal Island which welcomes adventure seekers to explore its 28.505 hectares. A galore of migratory birds, the place is heaven on Earth for birdwatchers and nature photographers. Some of them are pintail ducks, common Teal, night Heron, cormorants, Darter, Indian shag, purple Heron, gulls and Arctic terns.

Vembanad Lake, the longest lake in Kerala is over 95.6 square Kilometre long and finds itself surrounded by various Islands. We arrange a boat ride to the hearts of the waterbody with you sipping tea as you look into the vastness of the beauty.

Visit us to know more about one of the premium resorts in Alleppey!


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