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​​Reasons to plan your vacation at Palmgrove lake resort in Alappuzha

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Do you want to experience backwater village life in a close way?

Without any doubt, The village atmosphere is relaxing, you will experience the true flavour of information and excitement that is placed alongside nature’s beauty.

We welcome you to the land of backwater, We are one of the resorts in Allapuzha, popular as Palmgrove, luckily we got placed in the list of the top resorts in Alleppey.

Well, let me take your voyage!

A trip in and around the Palmgrove resort, and certainly, you will find many reasons to stay with us.

Palmgrove Lake Resort is situated near one of the best water worlds on Earth. The backwaters in Kerala are popular for seeing, enjoying and experiencing the backwater life.

Visiting is a must in every Kerala travel itinerary.

That is why we would love to welcome you to Palmgrove Lake Resort which offers you a first-hand experience of what life is like in one of the unique backwaters in the world.

Discover a quintessential Kerala stay experience at Palmgrove Lake Resort.

Reasons to plan your vacation at Palmgrove Lake resort in Alleppy.

Nature is at the core of ‘Palmgrove’. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by greenery and backwater on a sprawling estate that provides an experience that’s tranquil, refreshing and rejuvenating.

The location is perfect for exploring the countryside. With its golden beaches and picturesque terrains, it’s no wonder the region has remained a favourite vacation spot with tourists from all over the world. It doesn't get any better than this!

Unforgettable houseboat cruise

The boat cruise to Palmgrove Lake Resort is a unique experience to watch Kerala from the backwaters. Palmgrove Lake Resort also offers you amazing water sports, and bird-watching activities. With its well-maintained infrastructure and superb ambience, it is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

Refresh with ancient Ayurveda

Palmgrove Lake Resort is your ultimate getaway, located near the enchanting shores of a shimmering Kerala backwater. Come here to unwind completely and be pampered by the soothing beauty of Nature. Spread across 3 acres of lush greenery, there’s no better place than Palmgrove Lake Resort to be in on your visit to Kerala. Rejuvenate yourself, deeply touched by the virtues of ancient Ayurveda. Rediscover your inner self with the magic power of Yoga and Meditation. Yes, if you are at Palmgroove, you are at the best wellness resort in Allapuzha.

Peace! Peace ! Peace

Have a gander at this inviting lake. A variety of nature’s beauty with over different species of birds here is there. Relax in your cottage and take in the beauty that surrounds you, from the ornate surroundings to the tranquillity of nature. If you want to experience, there are boat cruises available that can transport you into the heart of nature itself.

Stay at houseboats

We have a wide variety of backwater cruises on offer. Whether you wish to experience the more extreme elements of an overnight cruise in the world's most beautiful and unique backwaters or want to just relax, unwind and enjoy your stay at village life as it used to be – our tours are always exciting for every age group.

Cottages to relax

Palmgrove is an ideal getaway for couples. Its 13 cosy cottages, surrounded by lush green deciduous trees and the scenic coconut palm grove make for the perfect time to spend with your loved ones.Palm grove is a haven to travellers who want to relax and unwind after busy city life. The resort offers all amenities to ensure guests can enjoy their stay.

If you’re looking for a nice getaway in the beautiful Vembanad Lake, look no further than Palmgrove Lake Resort, one of the best resorts in Allapuzha.. comfy cottage as you curiously listen to around chirping around the premises or embark on a sunrise cruise from here into the Vembanad Lake or enjoy local lip-smacking delicacies. Or you ill get a first-hand fishing experience. Without any doubt, we can say , You’ll be spoilt for experiences!


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